The 8 M's of Motivation


  • Modify the definition. The Motivation that equals "sitting around waiting for happy endings" and the motivation that equals "sitting around waiting for a motivator" are illusions. For most of us, the definition of motivation mandates a second look: "If I act, it is because I choose to act."


  • Move in reverse. Often, the progression in the military prospective equals "Attention, About Face, Forward March!" On many occasions, before there can be a "Forward March,"there must be an "About Face."


  • Manufacture and hold thoughts. Your mind is a mold and hold vessel. Think about the thoughts you think. Do not believe everything you think. Do not merely remove negative thoughts, replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and hold your positive thoughts.


  • Mold habit with focus. Focus will falter if it travels with hurtful habits. Focus will flourish if supported with helpful habits. The effectiveness of your focus informed by the habits you hold.


  • Manage the detours. Your motivation will not develop in a straight-line. Detours will invade the line. As you travel by detour, as interruptions, distractions, and disappointments interfere with your plans, you must manage your detours: anticipate, accept, analyze, apply, and appreciate what you learn.


  • Massage the motivational environment. "Service" is a verb. As you seek to motivate yourself, and as you seek to create a motivational environment for others, you must focus on servicing journeys. You cannot give what you do not have, so you must service your own journey .You cannot motivate others, but you can service their journeys as you create a motivational environment.


  • Monitor your progress. Monitoring is not an "at the endpoint" event. Monitoring is a process that does not wait for destination-arrival, but occurs throughout the journey. Monitoring your progress, in the midst of your journey, will allow you to both apply helpful alignments and celebrate incremental "finished-ness."


  • Master your motivation. In order to approach full command of your motivation, the 4C's will be helpful: clarity of purpose, commitment at point of head and heart, consistency of effort, and cycle as reality.


Posted on December 4, 2015 .