Who is in Control?

Do you ever wonder who controls your attitudes and your behavior? Do you have control over them? Or, do you acquiesce control over your own feelings toward someone else’s attitude, behavior, performance and even appearance?
In my experience, many of the persons with whom I work, and for that fact many of the companies for whom I speak, find focus fading because they are incessantly comparing themselves, their performance and their appearance to someone else, or to another institution. 
If you are focusing on what someone else is doing, or how someone else looks, then your focus is tilted toward them! Your own focus, the most meaningful and potentially powerful focus, the pursuit of your head and your heart, blurs!
It actually becomes an issue of control. Who is in control of your focus? Please consider overcoming your tendency to incessantly compare yourself to others. Paralysis sets in when achievement approaches if you are accustomed to perceiving yourself as “second fiddle” to your father, your mother, your competitor, your friend. Do not allow others to control how you feel about yourself. 
When you constantly compare yourself to others, you are actually allowing others to determine how you feel. It is very dangerous to allow the attitudes and behavior of others to serve as a barometer for your feelings and your focus!
It is your life. It is your focus. Who’s in control here?


Posted on September 24, 2015 .