Sway What?

If the streets of San Francisco are special, then the San Francisco bridges are especially intriguing.

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge greets travelers with many impressive qualities. Perhaps its most interesting trait is its capacity to sway twenty-seven feet to one side. The bridge’s capability to sway allows it to withstand the force of wind. Denied this ability to give with the wind, the bridge would break and buckle.

In similar fashion, your focus-bridge must be constructed with sway-capacity. As the winds of changing rules, distractions, time restraints, ambiguity and your own inappropriate ratio between journey-satisfaction and destination-satisfaction slash against your focus-bridge, you will be wise to be somewhat flexible.

Rigidity can equal destruction. Flexibility can birth eventual accomplishment.

Sway what? Let there be some sway or flexibility in your focusing. Here, flexibility may look like: patience as it relates to rigid time frames, tolerance as it relates to imperfect team members, and self-acceptance as it relates to excessive self-criticism.

Remember, it is often easier for a stiff stick to break than it is for a pliable pole to break.

Are you a stiff stick or a pliable pole?

Posted on March 31, 2016 .