Potential: More Than You Ever Imagined

Can you see him? Notice the dominance of the frown over the smile. See the pain in his face – pain that camouflages the awesome talent he has.

See what he is doing now – pushing a rock down the street. Now, see her – with the shawl across her lap, bonnet on her head – sitting on her porch. Hear her ask, “Michelangelo, why are you pushing that rock?” Look deeply into his response, “There is an angel inside and it wants out.”

Potential is a reminder that past performance need not be indicative of future results. Potential whispers words of encouragement into your ears. You do not have to stay the way that you are.

I have exciting news; you can retire at night with a greater satisfaction of experience. You can wake up tomorrow more excited than you were the night before. A pre-occupation of inadequacy can be replaced by a fresh initiative. You can be catapulted to an “about face” at the point of attitude and behavior, and placed into a “forward - march” position. Since potential is a moving target, you can always start afresh. “Finished-ness” becomes a new beginning.

After 50 years of working in the area of personal and professional development, I remain convinced that the phenomenon of potential brings hope to the discouraged and a path and structure to the confused. Potential is a composite of “igniter” and rudder. Potential addresses Viktor Frankl's search for meaning, the glue that joins Dr. Spock's books to each other, and the inspiration of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

You take steps toward maximizing your potential:

  1. Get to know yourself by isolating your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Identify what core values shape you.
  3. Leap beyond the myth of limits.
  4. Respect growth as the process of becoming.
  5. Leverage goals as mile markers.

Remember that there is more to you than you ever imagined. Potential blesses you with an exciting alarm clock call ever morning. Potential shouts, “Do not use the snooze button.”

Posted on April 8, 2016 .