Focus Collapse

The icon of travel for the Eastern U.S. is I-85. This highway runs through the heart of Atlanta, requiring years of construction time, and transporting traffic for decades. Earlier this month many of us witnessed this gigantic structure collapsing. A section of concrete lost its battle against the heat from a roaring fire. The impact from this collapse is being felt across the state of Georgia and the surrounding states by commuters, and tourists. 

This event provides us with many lessons. A quick study, illustrates several examples of leadership essentials:

1. Anticipate of the challenge. These “first responders” paid the preparation price. They visualized the challenge. They trained and re-trained. 

2. Respond quickly. They were on the scene within a few minutes. This situation demanded immediate action.

3. Ask for help. In this case, those on the scene requested help from the Atlanta Hartsfield - Jackson International Airport Fire Fighters. With 18 miles of “rush-hour” congestion, this team was on the scene within minutes.

4. Think team. These professionals worked together. No one was injured by the fire or the collapse of the concrete due to their team approach.

5. Focus on the mission. This event was twofold: keep everyone safe and control the fire. 

The common theme throughout this situation is implementation. Training can be useless if it is not applied or implemented correctly. If you want help, ask for it. In this event, Information minus Implementation could have equaled Tragic Results.

Posted on May 11, 2017 .