Your microphone is always on. You are never off duty. You are always sending out images. 

    There is a remarkable relationship between individual team member choices and stellar team performance patterns. 

You do not kill or ignore your nervous energy with concern to speaking in public. You celebrate your nervous energy, by having it work for you, not against you.

    To think like a giraffe, you must focus on the direction of your thinking, the discipline of your approach, and the delight you bring to your journey.

Leadership can equal the extension of your personality coming through in what you do, specifically at the point of your influence. Authentic leadership will never invite you to be who you are not. 

   Your mind is a marvelous mold and hold vessel. You are responsible for the thoughts that you mold and hold.

When leaders act only like managers, there are going to be problems.

    Leadership is not what it used to be: leadership is never what is used to be. Your leadership pool is an ocean, not a pond.

Leadership transcends desire and encompasses focus! Focus equals the intensity of concentration, the increase of determination, and the integrity of thought.

     We not grow when you incessantly put us down. That is when we self-destruct. We grow when you lead by affirming us at the point of our strengths. That is when we self-correct.

If you are going to illicit the uniqueness of others, then you will want to exhibit your own uniqueness. 

     Do not assume that others know what you know, what you wish they knew, or how you feel. Assumption minus articulation equals aggravation.

Do not worry too much about what others might think of you: you may find that they are not thinking about you at all. 

     If you feel discouraged, then remember that the road of encouragement has more to do with journey than destination.

Encouragement may have more to do with rediscovering ideas you once knew and applied than it does with discovering them for the first time.