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“At the National SHRM Convention, Mr. Gower greatly impressed me with his thorough knowledge of perception and his uncanny ability to apply abstract theory in the practical world of reality. I was moved with his sincere, genuine manner with which he conveyed substantive content and used humor to accentuate the major points in his thesis. This was a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience.”
— Dr. George A. Hickman, Director of Human Resources, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, N.F., Canada
“Stephen’s depth of knowledge in his field of work and fluid speaking ability enables him to impart his well-aimed arrows of truth to any audience. It is his vulnerability and courage that sends home his memorable points. To those who have seen him before, then you know and I am just reiterating a simple truth about a humble man; there is no question that he is still at the level he was before he fought some of his recent health battles. In fact, when some who have passion and fire are put on the sideline due to health they come back with even more to offer.”
— Lt. Dane Wilson, Bureau of Fire Training, Lake County Florida Board of County Commissioners, Department of Public Safety Fire/Rescue, Station 70



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Stephen M. Gower, CSP, is recognized across the globe as the Perception Professional. 

"In 2006, Stephen was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. In true Stephen Gower fashion, he looked at it as no big deal, just another bump in the road. He made a decision to dwell on his blessings and not his challenges. For Stephen, this was not a stumbling block, rather a stepping stone--enabling him to make a larger impact on his audience. Stephen continues to be one of the most powerful speakers on the planet." Dr. Willie Jolley, CSP, CPAE

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Stephen Gower is a legend in the field of public speaking and perception. I first heard him at a youth leadership conference when I was entering my senior year of high school. Some twenty years later, he is still a powerful influence. The level of expertise he possesses is vast and impressive. It’s one thing to hear a good message that sticks with you for a few days or weeks. It’s another thing entirely to receive an impartation that impacts for a lifetime. That kind of lifetime experience with dynamic impact is what Mr. Gower has to offer.
— Holly Payne, Senior Lecturer, University of Georgia

This second video allows you to experience first-hand the uniqueness that is Stephen M. Gower.