What Do They See When They See You Coming? : The power of perception over reality


How others perceive you is your business! Do not assume that others know what you know, that others know how you feel, or that others know what you wish they knew! Assumption awareness and assumption avoidance belong in the arsenal of every leader. The perceiver drives his or her perception of you. Attitudes and actions do not automatically flow untarnished to another. What you say and what they hear may not be the same thing.

It is helpful to think of perception as a river. Perception River is fed by five branches, or the Five Mega-Keepers of Perception:

1. Your microphone is always on!

2. We do not have the same starting points, nor do we run/learn at the same pace!

3. We do not speak the same language, even if we all speak English.

4. Perception is driven by the perceiver—from underneath a “Thatch Hut”!

5. What is insignificant to you can be extremely significant to someone else!