Your Microphone Is Always On: Leadership 24-7


How you lead you defines how you lead others!
You must center on self in order to lead others. This self-centering is not evil, it is essential. You cannot give what you do not have. You will give what you do have. This book is based on Stephen Gower's 50 years of experience, over 5,000 presentations, and 25 books. It is presented in a capsule format, with numbered entries for easy reference.
This work is important because it isolates and targets the single most important element of leadership. Your leadership is an extension of your personality. It is continuously under construction. What you say to yourself is as important as what you say to others. Your microphone is always on. Leadership is 24-7.
This book is essential reading for you and your team. The how is essential because it follows the why. Leaders do not merely need the information. They need to implement the information. There are hundreds of “how-to's” included within. Implementation is not the second thought, it is the first thought.

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